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Rules and Manners in Japanese Adult Entertainments

  • July 5, 2019
  • July 19, 2019
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Here are general rules and manners that you must keep and understand before playing.

※ Please ensure that there are much higher chances to take affectionate services if you behave as a gentleman.

Prohibited Matters

・Using by people under 18.

・Having a sex(Except for at Soapland)

・Act that is not included in the play.

・Violent speech or action.

・Sneak photography, video, wiretapping, and other any recording actions.

・Using of tools or toys from outside.

・Asking girls to go out for dating.

・Any nuisances like stalking etc.

・Exchanging personal contact information with girls.

・Any actions not to answer from girls’ requests. e.g. refusing to take a shower before playing.

・Third party’s participation in the room regardless of any genders.

・Stopping or keeping girls after the play.

・Any other acts that make girls be afraid.

・Being blind drunk or using drugs during play.


Important Notes

・Some of business hotels forbid customers to use delivery health. (We can check whether your staying hotel is available to use delivery health or not by asking it to the shop which you are interested in. )

・To avoid money trouble, it is necessary to confirm fee and payment in advance.

・It is also important to confirm the difference between basic plays and optional plays because optional plays are charged.

Basic plays in general.(It depends on the shop):Intercrural sex, titty fuck, washing your body with sticking closely?, bathing together with or without lotion, emission any times, kiss, licking whole your body includes your anal or excludes it(depends on the shop or girl), licking your testis, fingering, six-nine.


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